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BRAINbait Ad-libs

Need some help curating your job or project listing? Use the ad-lib samples of our most popular listings to get you started. Just copy, paste, and fill in the blanks.

<company name> is a <brief description>. We would like you to to create advertisements that we can use for <purpose>. Our goal is to advertise towards <target audience> and <key demographics>. The content you create will need to be targeted toward our customer base by using certain concepts and design elements that attracts, informs, persuades, and reminds customers to utilize our services.

The majority of our advertisements will be implemented on <platform> but we would also like you to include some different channels that we can use to push our advertisements to a larger audience or new outlets that may be more likely to reach our specific customer base.

Create a <blog post or newsletter> that I can post on my website and include in my marketing emails to my clients and potential customers. The <blog post or newsletter> should containing the <desired content> and relevant information pertaining to <business/industry/services>. Visit my website and social media pages for general ideas on what kind of content I want to included in the <blog post or newsletter>.

Be sure to cite any sources or articles that you use. If you use any custom content or images, be sure that it is relevant to <target audience>.

I would like to have a student create an email template that I can use to send <content/promotions/information> to my clientele and potential customers. My business provides <products/services> to <target audience> so the content need to be relevant to my audience.

You can create the email template using the platform or template builders that you are most comfortable with (MailChimpConstantContact, Outlook, etc.). The template should be eye catching and easily consumable. Please feel free to use any content from my website and social media pages, including my logo and any other images you find relevant.

Canva is also a great tool for creating email headers and other content that you may want to include in the template. The winning submission will need to email me the complete template so that I can forward it to my customers.

If you have any questions, you can email me at <email>

We would like to create a <marketing or sales> campaign that will help us leverage the <aspect> of our business. <company name> is a <brief description>. Our goal is to market towards <target audience> to educate them about our services, build our brand awareness, target new customers, and enhance our customer relationships.

The campaign should include a list of measurable goals, selling and price points, programs or promotions toward which we can direct our sales and marketing efforts, a summary of the challenges (SWOT analysis), platforms that we could use to implement or campaign, precise methods by which we can reach our goals and engage our target audience, and any other recommendations or tactics we could use to entice customers (other ideas you have; and the theme, hook, or angle for each tactic), and a brief summary of the action plan used to execute this campaign.

Compile a list of all of <company name>‘s direct competitors that includes a comprehensive description of how each competitor stacks up against our services. What sets them apart? What sets us apart? Think Pros vs Cons list but with much more detail.

Try to find competitors that offer similar services or target a similar audience, specifically <target audience>. Provide as much detail as possible including metrics, locations, target market, customer loyalty and retention programs, marketing/social media channels, revenue, logistics, services and features, price points, etc. I will be using your data to advance our business strategies and leverage any competitive advantage that will set <company name> apart from our competitors.

A detailed word document will suffice but feel free to use any tools you are comfortable with. Please visit our website for more information about our business.

We would love for you to convert our static website into a responsive website that is compatible on multiple devices (desktops, laptops, tables, and mobile devices). We would not like to rewrite our existing website but rather input our current content into a responsive website template with the same or similar layout to our current site. Our website is coded using <programming language> and is hosted through <website host> so feel free to use our source code to retrofit our site for mobile and tablet customers.

Feel free to use our existing website for inspiration, formatting, content, and layout guidance.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at <email>

We would also like to implement and optimize SEO and targeted keywords to help us penetrate search engine results. Our website is coded using <programming language> and is hosted by <website host>.

The SEO keywords and metadata should encompass key words and phrases in our web content that make it possible for people to find our site via search engines like Google when they search for <business/industry/service>. We’d like the individual to describe what changes ought to be made to our website in order to enhance our SEO capabilities AND if possible make the changes for us.

You can use the source code on our website to figure out the best methods and practices to enable SEO on our site OR create a document detailing how to implement SEO, what keywords/phrases/meta-tags to use based on our site’s content, instructions on creating an XML or HTML sitemap and integrating in Google Search Console, and any other tips or tricks that we can initiate.

Please email any inquires to <email>

We are looking for someone to help us create a larger social media footprint for our <business type> business. Create some custom content centered around the products and services we provide that targets the clientele that would be interested in utilizing our business, specifically <target audience>. Create your own designs and images using content focused around <your industry> and our services. Feel free to use any content/logos/images from our website.

Canva is a great tool to help you create custom content specifically designed for each social media platform, but feel free to use whatever tools you are comfortable with. I would like see at least <#> pieces of content per platform.

<social media platforms>

We would like for you to write up a basic document detailing your experience using our website. Include the pros and cons of our current site, layout, content and ways in which we could improve the user experience and better convey the services we provide to our customers. Please include any formatting/layout issues you may find, broken links, misspellings, and other problems you may find in our site.

We would like <#> students to submit feedback and are willing to pay each student for their time. We will only select the first <#> submission that are the most detailed and well rounded.

If you have any questions, please email me at <email>

I need a new, modernized website template for my business <company name>, a <business type> company that <business description>. I would like something that is responsive to desktop/tablet/mobile device and can be easily maintained and updated. I am interested in creating and hosting my website through <website builder and host>. Choose the platform you are most comfortable using. The site needs to include the following pages:

<desired pages>

Text can be filled with Lorem Ispum, I will fill in the content later. Include some custom images and photos relating to <business/industry/services>. Email any questions to <email>