The idea for BRAINbait came in 2012 while I was attending Kennesaw State University after a 4-year stint in the Army. As I was finishing up my core curriculum I started to notice that all of my classes culminated in a semester project. Most of the time, these giant projects were centered around hypothetical scenarios or old, outdated business cases and never really covered the day-to-day tasks that are required to make a business run effectively.

That’s when I started to ask myself, “Why can’t we work on real projects in real-world scenarios? I’m going to leave college with no applicable work experience to put on my resume. How am I ever going to get a job”? Simply putting “Veteran” on my resume wasn’t going to cut it.

As an older student who is covered in tattoos and had no real-life skills beyond eating 4 packets of Ramen in one sitting, I was already at a disadvantage. Luckily, I landed an internship based on personality alone, which is how I started my career in IT. Most students aren’t that lucky and many find themselves stuck in a job, internship, or co-op that doesn’t translate into their field of study.

So, for the rest of my tenure at KSU, I used every hypothetical semester project and applied it toward my hypothetical business idea. Slowly I started fleshing out the idea, designing the logo, creating content, writing the business case, building the website, and watching a lot of Shark Tank. After that, it took me nearly 3 years to put plan into action, but hey, I was busy procreating (twice).

So, I started from the bottom, now I’m here…only slightly less off the bottom but on my way up. I truly hope BRAINbait becomes the tool of choice for business and students looking for a competitive advantage. I hope you enjoy the site and the potential it has in changing your life and kicking starting your career or business.

We strive to unlock the creative minds of entire communities by facilitating a resourceful outlet for innovation in the form of our interactive website brainbaitinc.com. The mission of this project is to allow students a chance to boost their resumes, gain instant work experience, and enhance their creativity and skill set by engineering new ideas, concepts, and designs for real world industries on a global scale. We want to reach a local, national, and universal network of businesses and students who want to expose their individual potential by connecting, creating, and contending in a competitive world.

Currently this site is in beta testing, meaning that I am attempting the prove the concept and usefulness of this platform. So, what does this mean for the users? For right now that means this service is absolutely free! My goal is to use the Kennesaw State University student base as my test subjects to help me flesh out the idea and figure out what users like and don’t like about this concept. Remember this is a new market (S2B) so any feedback is good feedback. I also want to take the financial burden off of my users so that they can focus on their work and their interactions.

To start, we would like to have 25 – 50 different businesses with jobs on our site before we even open the doors to the student population. For this thing to work I need participation from both sides, so the more businesses we have, the more students there will be to work on the jobs. The more students we have, the more submissions and options each business will receive for their job postings. More is always better, but for now we’re keeping it tight knit and only allowing students with a valid @students.kennesaw.edu email address to sign up. Steady your beating heart, you can still spread the word to your friends at the other non-exclusive universities or your business owning acquaintances who are still wasting their time and money on job posting sites, recruiters, and outside vendors. Hype us up, we want to roll out to everyone soon.

And don’t worry. Even after the site is a huge success, I will always try to remove the economic strain away from the users even if it’s indirectly through school fees, department costs, or even tuition. I would love to see BRAINbait used as a learning tool that classrooms, colleges, and universities can use to initiate creativity, create competition, and give student access to jobs in their field of study instantly. I want to eliminate the need for job posting sites, hiring tools, and outsourcing platforms so that businesses can stop wasting time and money filtering through resumes, application, contracts, bids, etc. so that they can take control of what they spend. This will ultimately increase a business’s efficiency by delegating jobs or tasks that they don’t have time to complete but that are necessary for the business to operate and grow effectively. I want businesses to be able see and touch the work before they ever pay a dime. A business might only submit one job, but they can receive tens, hundreds, even thousands of different ways to complete the job, then just pay for what they use at the price point that they set.

Keith Hudson










Keith was born at an early age. Scientists speculate this phenomenon took place on or around November 13th, most likely in the mid 1980’s. Keith began working at a sheet metal factory around the age of nine, and within about a week he was running the floor as the shop supervisor. Keith was then offered a position at the local tannery working with leather, which was always a dream of his.

Besides being an avid hunter, fisherman and metallurgist, Keith has a special affinity for breakfast foods and meats of all kinds while disdaining non-manly dishes like salads. In high school Keith’s alter ego Chet Muston, a somewhat well-known jazz musician, released three contemporary albums including his iTunes Top 100 hit “Pardon My French…Horn”.

Although his college years were mostly a blur, Keith managed to land himself one sweet babe. A woman so fine only the tantalizing romantics of a truly great seduction artist could swoon her. They would later marry. Eventually Keith’s unwavering strength and heroics pulled him out of college where he was called upon by a few high-powered U.S. and foreign dignitaries to protect America from ISIS and other Islamic militants.

Having spent four years in the Army saving lives and jumping out of planes; his time in service gave rise to several best-selling books and hit television shows, which were loosely based on his life. Despite having worked for the government, Keith has a surprisingly strong work ethic. In 6 hours, he managed to construct a full-size replica of the Statue of Liberty out of Nutella.


Easter Egg #2

HINT: Start at the Source.

           `o                                                 o`           
           +M:                    `/ooo+:                    /M+           
        `  +Nm:                  :y+oo//oh.                 :mN/  `        
        o/ `msN+                 m:s//:::oh                +Nsm` +o        
        -Nh:/homh-               y+/::::/y+              -hm+h::hN.        
       -:/NhyNh/ymy-             `yo////yo             -ymy/dmyhm::.       
       `ddydy+yh+/sdh/.           `hhhhds           .+hhs/+hy+ydymh`       
        .hmhmdo//+///syy+:`        .msyd`       `:oyys/+o://odmhmy`        
         `ohyoos+oy+oo+/+ydd-       -++.      -ddy+++oo+h:+sosyho`         
          +mmdhs+/sy+/+sy:+My                 hM/+so//oh//+shdmm/          
           -yhs++++/oyssy:/My   .::-+//:`     hM:ossys+/++++sdy-           
            .hNmy+ho::/+d:/M+   /yoh+os:o:    oM:ys/::/h++ymNh`            
             /dNdsoshsoodo:Ms    :yN:...`y    sN:dsosysooydNd:             
              `:yhyoyo//sd:yN:    :N.   o/   /Ns+m///h+oyhy:`              
                -dMNdmhoomh/sdy+/os-   `/o/+hdo+NyosdmdNMd-                
     `.-::-`     .smh+os++ydo/+Ndos+ooossohMm+ydo+oy/ohdo.     `-::-.`     
   -oyhhhhhhs`     .ohyyysoydmmN+/s/s/:++::dMmhsshhyys:`     `shhhhhhyo-   
  odhhs//odhdd.      `-oysso+sMdos++:::::::sMmhhhs+-`       .ddhh+/+sdhm+  
 .Mym.    `shhm-         .:+shMysos+s::::::sMs:.`          -mhho`    .myM` 
 `Nyd`      /hym:           .yMds+/o:::::::dMo.           /myh:      `dyN` 
  /dddo      .hyd/      .-+hhoyMhsoo/:::::sMsoyh+-.      /dyh.      oddd/  
   `:/-       `yyd+/++.-ydyyso/sms/::::::ymo/oyhymy--++/+dyy`       -/:`   
                 /y++h+`      `+dsNMMMMMNsd+`      `+h++y:                 
                 `dddM:      -yo+mshmdmdmm+oy-      /Mddh                  
                 .NshM+      ohhNoohy/yhoyNyh+      oMhyN.                 
                  .//No:      .msod:y:y:d+yd       :oN//.                  
                     /sN:`     .+hysy:yohh+.      /Ns/                     
                      `:Ns/       -/yyy/-       -sN/`                      
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